Less water = less damage

Everyday shampooing exposes hair to water damage that breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in hair leaving it weaker. Repeated exposure to water also causes the cuticle layer to swell, lift away and create a rough surface making hair more susceptible to tangling and breakage. And when hair’s protective cuticle is compromised, as it is when hair is frequently color treated, water easily enters the hair shaft and washes away color molecules. This color loss begins from your very first shampooing.

The answer: Take a shampoo holiday. Substitute your everyday wet shampoo for Full Detox™ Rub-Out™ Dry Cleansing Spray or Full Detox™ Rub-Out™ Dry Cleansing Powder. These sheer, non-whitening dry shampoos with nature’s hair-repairing golden elixir and purifying Soap Bark Tree Extract absorb oil and other impurities in seconds leaving hair light and voluminous, without water. By the way, they’re a real life-saver when you’re in a rush or want to eliminate sins of the night before. And they also help extend the life your hair style, hair color and stretch time between salon appointments.

Hair Detox

Believe it or not, hair can become accustomed to your daily shampoo and may not respond to it as well over time. Residue from excess styling products can begin to build up causing hair to become damaged, dull and difficult to manage. A change of season or hairstyles can also change the way your hair behaves and expose your hair to different concerns. In these instances, your daily shampoo may need a jump start. Once a week, rotate Full Detox™. Detoxifying Shampoo with pure Ojon™ and Soap Bark Tree with your everyday ritual to help remove the dulling, hair damaging residue. This gentle, non-stripping shampoo absorbs excess oils, environmental pollutants and impurities without stripping hair of vital moisture. Hair feels soft, manageable bouncy, and airy again.

And because your hair can experience multiple types of damage or be defined in several ways, try “product cocktailing”. It’s a great way to target multiple hair concerns simultaneously. For instance, use Dry Recovery™ Hydrating Shampoo followed by Volume Advance™ Volumizing Conditioner. All Ojon™ treatments are fortified with nature’s golden elixir so they work well together to help get to the root cause of all hair care concerns: damage.