Scientists at Ojon™ working in conjunction with the DWI University of Aachen in Germany studied hair damaged by sun, water, heat styling and chemical processing and were able to characterize the wear pattern to show how structural lipids had been diminished.

They discovered that Ojon™ elixir has a similar composition to the essential lipids found in unprocessed, virgin hair and can help compensate for those lost lipids. Once the missing lipids are reintroduced, hair instantly begins to help gain strength, and resilience. Hair breakage is substantially reduced. The elixir also repels water which can actually weaken and damage hair.

In addition, to formulate our luxurious, yet powerful Ojon™ treatments, over 30 potent, naturally-derived ingredients were studied and incorporated into our formulas. Over 40 top scientists contributed to the reformulation of Ojon™ products.

Finally Ojon™ treatments were subjected to intensive and rigorous clinical, consumer and safety testing. In total they were tested on approximately 2500 women of different ethnicities (Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic decent).

Our signature Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment showed 64% improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair after just 1 treatment*.

Using our Dry Recovery™ ritual, 82% of those tested felt soft, smooth hair.**

And using our Volume Advance™ ritual, 86% said their hair was instantly fuller. ***

Learn more about our test results as your read about our products.

*In a dry combing study using shampoo and Restorative Hair Treatment.

**In a wet combing study using Dry Recovery™ Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Revitalizing Moisture Mist.

***In a consumer study, panelists used Volume Advance™ Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.