Years ago, a relative gave Ojon™ founder Denis Simioni a
small unmarked jar containing a golden, velvety balm
reputed to have the power to restore perfect health and
vitality to "hair broken by the blazing sun."

Of course he was skeptical. And so for two years the jar sat
on the shelf.

Then one day a relative coming out of the swimming pool at
his home noticed her hair was very dry, brittle and unruly. He
searched around looking for something to undo the damage.
And remembered the tiny jar.

Discover Pure
Ojon™ Oil, the 500
year old beauty secret.
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Her hair was instantly and dramatically softer, smoother and
more radiant. Her brush slid through her strands without a
snag. Amazed by the results, he set out to discover its secret
from those who knew it best. The Miskito people of Central

Denis's journey took him deep into the remote regions of the
rainforest. "Don't stop until you see the people without hats,"
he was told.

A five-hour ride in a run-down single-propeller plane landed
Denis on a dirt road deep in the rainforest. He hiked for
two-hours before finding someone who could guide him
further, chancing upon members of the Mopawi, a local
non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Miskito

Now with more specific directions, Denis and his crew
embarked on a five-hour small boat ride into the rainforest.
Denis still recalls the experience with awe. "The boat ride
was incredible — something out of National Geographic. The
people live just as they did 500 years ago. The land was so
pure and unspoiled."

As the boat began to slow, Denis knew they had arrived.
"They all had remarkably healthy, shiny hair," he remarks,
"...and no one was wearing a hat."

Denis learned from the Miskito that for over 500 years they
applied the golden elixir to their hair and skin every day from
the day they are born. And as a result of this ritual, their hair
was remarkably healthy, lustrous and full of body, bounce
and volume. Their skin was radiant, smooth and supple.

The Miskito demonstrated each step in the time-consuming
process of harvesting the nuts and extracting the elixir, which
is all done by hand. First the ripe nut cluster is cut from the
Ojon tree using a machete. The clusters are then carried
back to their village where they are stacked in the hot sun to
dry. The following day, the individual nuts are picked from the
cluster by hand and washed in water.

The nuts are then simmered in a pot of boiling water to soften
the orange outer shell.

They are then transferred to a wooden barrel where they are
smashed with a log to loosen the peel.

The peel is completely removed by hand and the brown nut
inside is washed. The women of the village crack each nut by
hand to extract the kernel.

The kernels are then cooked over an open fire until the
precious elixir is extracted.

Today, the legendary, golden elixir is still hand-harvested
and extracted as it has been for over 500 years - using
traditional eco-friendly practices to ensure the purity of the
elixir as well as the welfare of the land and the local peoples.
In one year, a single Ojon tree produces less than 8,000
nuts, enough to supply just 3 cups of pure Ojon™ Oil, nature's golden elixir.