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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I check on an order I have placed?

If you are a registered Ojon customer, you may check the status of your order online. For questions regarding the status of your order or if you are not a registered member, you may contact our Customer Care representatives at 1-877-463-1545 or email us. For fastest service, please provide your order number when making inquiries.

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Do you accept international orders?

We're sorry, is currently unable to accept orders to be billed or shipped to destinations outside the U.S and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. When you submit any personal information (name, address and credit card) during Checkout, the data is encrypted and sent over a secure connection to our Web site server. Read more about Ojon Online Security. If you prefer, you may submit your order via telephone at 1-877-463-1545. Our Customer Care Representatives are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

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Does anyone else see the information that I provide to Ojon?

We respect your privacy. The information you provide will not be given to any third party without your express consent. Read our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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SPAM filters and ISPs

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Email client may be using filters to block email and this may be affecting the receipt of email from Ojon Online. If you believe this is happening, please consult the help section of your email program or contact your ISP directly to see how to relax or remove the settings that filter or block email. This will ensure that correspondence from Ojon Online will be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-463-1545

If your provider is AOL:

1. Open the Email message.

2. Click "Add to Address" icon.

3. The name and Email address from Email are pre-populated in the Add Contact pop-up. Verify that the information in these fields is correct.

4. Click "Save".

If your provider is Yahoo:

1. Open the Email message.

2. Click the "Add to Address Book" link on the far right.

3. The address will be automatically entered into your Yahoo! Address Book.

If your provider is Hotmail:.

1. Open the Email message.

2. Click "Save Address(es)" at the top of the message header.

If your provider is MSN:

1. Open the Email message.

2. Click "Save Addresses" on the right.

3. Select the check box next to the address you want to save. You can also make changes to the contact information.

4. Click "Save".

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What is your return/exchange policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Ojon Online purchase, simply return the unused portion and we will be happy to remit your account for the full amount of your purchase. If you prefer, you may exchange your purchase for other Ojon products. More information about Returns and Exchanges.

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Animal Testing

Ojon is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply with applicable regulations in every country in which our products are sold.

We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.

Ojon fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives. To this end, the Company works extensively with the industry at large and the global scientific community to research and fund these alternatives.

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Where Can I Buy Ojon Products?

Only U.S. and Canadian residents may buy Ojon products online at To locate a store near you in the U.S. or Canada, click here for our Store Locator.

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What is healthy hair?

Healthy hair generally has not been damaged by harsh chemical processing, prolonged sunlight, or rough thermal and mechanical treatments. Each cuticle layer has individual scales that lie flat with smooth, overlapping edges. Hair in this condition is highly protected from damage, retains the optimal amount of moisture and is overall stronger, softer, shinier and more vibrant. Now whatever the damage, you can help transform your hair to perfect health with Ojon hair treatments formulated with nature’s golden elixir.

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What causes hair to become damaged?

Hair damage is any condition whereby one or more of the hair structures are physically or chemically altered to the extent that they are unable to return to their original state. When damaged, the cuticles can become cracked, roughened, split or frayed. Some of the keratin material (of which hair’s cuticles are composed) can disintegrate, making hair thinner. Hair loses its elasticity and moisture making it dull, brittle and prone to breakage.

There are many sources of hair damage and they range from very ordinary everyday practices to very extreme ones:

1. Water Damage (washing hair in hard water, washing hair too often, swimming in salt or chlorine)

2. Heat Damage (from blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, hair straighteners, etc).

3. Chemical Damage (hair coloring, hair straightening, & perming)

4. UV Damage

5. Environmental Damage (wind, pollution, smoke)

6. Mechanical Damage/Friction (combing, brushing, hair styling, ponytails, hats, pillows)

7. Internal Factors (diet, stress, vitamin deficiency, pregnancy, menopause)

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How does nature’s golden elixir help repair damaged hair?

Nature’s golden elixir has a similar composition to the essential lipids found in unprocessed, virgin hair and can help compensate for those lost lipids to help repair damaged hair. Once the missing lipids are reintroduced, hair instantly gains strength, suppleness, shine and flexibility. Split ends and hair breakage are substantially reduced. The elixir also repels water that can weaken and dehydrate hair.

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What makes Ojon Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment different from other treatment products?

To improve hair’s condition, many hair experts recommend treatments that contain synthetics like harsh silicones. These products superficially smooth the cuticle. They do not help repair it. Nature’s golden elixir doesn’t just sit on the surface. It actually penetrates the hair shaft to help damaged hair recover the look and feel of virgin hair. Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment is fortified with nature’s golden elixir in its purest, most powerful form. In clinical tests, participants witnessed a 64% improvement in the condition of their dry, damaged hair after just one treatment*. This rich, velvety balm increases hair’s strength against breakage and helps restore vibrant health to even the most deeply damaged hair. Hair is soft, silky and manageable. Today there are many treatment imitators but Ojon Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment is available exclusively from Ojon.

*In a dry combing study using Damage Reverse™ Restorative Shampoo and Restorative Hair Treatment.

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Why does Ojon Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment sometimes have a different color or scent?

Due to the purity of nature’s golden elixir and the traditional methods used to extract it, slight variations in color, texture and scent are not uncommon between harvests. The results, however, are always the same. It instantly helps mend, strengthen and restore body, bounce, vibrancy and shine to even the most damaged hair.

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What do I do if my Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment separates, with oil floating on the top of the jar?

To maintain the natural purity and potency of Ojon Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment, no artificial binding agents are used. The product may liquefy at temperatures higher than 86º F (30 º C). To restore the product’s natural texture, return it to room temperature or chill it through refrigeration for about 60 minutes. To avoid separation, store Ojon upright at room temperature. When opening, remove the protective seal carefully to avoid spillage. To reseal, bend and “pop” the plastic disc provided to remove air from the jar.

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What makes the Ojon philosophy toward shampooing so unique?

Of course, shampooing is vital to keeping hair cleansed of dirt, debris that impacts shine, volume, manageability and movement. But what few realize is that shampooing exposes hair to water damage. No matter what kind of hair you have, it is structurally weaker and more vulnerable when wet. At Ojon, shampooing is always the first step to repairing damaged hair. Our shampoo and conditioner combinations are clinically tested and proven effective. For example: Damage Reverse™ Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner reduced hair breakage by 99%* instantly. And 90%* said their hair was healthier-looking after using it. And Dry Recovery™ Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner improved the condition of dry, damaged hair by 52%*. And you’ll instantly recognize the repair has begun as soon the warm water meets the shampoo and releases the aromatic blend of 100% natural essential oils in each ritual.

* In a clinical studies, using Ojon Shampoos and Conditioners

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How are Ojon styling products different?

Any good-quality gel, gloss, glaze, mousse, spray and pomade will help shape, mold and hold your hair in place. Some can even moisturize, volumize and condition. But Ojon styling products do more than create perfect hair-dos – they create hair do-overs. They not only transform the look of your hair for the day, but because they are fortified with nature’s golden elixir plus powerful plant ingredients, they actually help to repair damage while you style your hair.

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If you have been using:

Ojon Intensive Repair you will like new Ojon Damage Reverse™

Ojon Ultra-Hydrating you will like new Ojon Dry Recovery™

Ojon Volumizing you will like new Ojon Volume Advance™

Ojon Shine & Protect you will like new Ojon Color Sustain™

Ojon Special Care you will like new Ojon Full Detox™

pdf Find the right Ojon product for you.

If you have any questions, you may contact our Customer Care representatives at 1-877-463-1545 or email us.

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What is Ojon Rare Harvest?

Rich with diverse plant life and largely unexplored by Western cultures, the world's tropical rainforests hold many secrets. The indigenous people, having lived in harmony with their natural environment for many hundreds of years, have unique insights into the healing properties hidden within its earth and botanicals. As Ojon continues to nurture a relationship of trust and cooperation with the world's indigenous people, we are privileged to be invited to share in many of their most sacred healing traditions. The Rare Harvest collection is a special series of highly concentrated, one-of-a-kind tribal treatments for hair, face and body. Each is available in limited quantities only during the peak harvest period of their natural potent ingredients. Sustainable harvesting allows us to share the powerful benefits of these rainforest treasures without destruction or depletion of the resource, while providing a sustainable source of income for the indigenous groups that harvest them. These products are available exclusively on QVC. Please sign up for email to stay up-to-date with the latest show times.

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Why did Ojon “enhance” its formulas?

Ojon is continually exploring the world for new beauty traditions. Over the years we’ve found ingredients that enhance the effects of our signature ritual categories even further – Dry Recovery is now infused with Blue Agave Nectar to help promote its hydrating benefits, Volume Advance uses Peruvian Amaranth Protein to help thicken and plump hair, Color Sustain uses Tahitian Monoi Oil to helpprevent color fade, Full Detox uses Quillaja Soapbark Extract to refresh and revitalize hair, and Damage Reverse has even more of our signature and reparative Ojon oil. Also, new essential oil blends have been created for an aromatherapy experience to complement each ritual.

But, at the heart of each product are the formulations you know and love and every product is still infused with nature’s golden elixir – Ojon Oil. The efficacy of our products remains our top priority. We are still committed to the one-of-a-kind Ojon Golden Elixir that created a cult following for our treatment-based collections. Our updated formulas have clinically proven results. By combining tradition, nature and technology we’ve created products that are highly relevant for today’s evolving beauty landscape.

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What changed in Restorative Hair Treatment?

Still containing our highest concentration of Ojon oil, nature’s golden elixir, the formulation of our signature Restorative Hair Treatment has not changed.

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What is SuperSleek™ Hair Straightening Treatment?

SuperSleek™ is a revolutionary, safe, easy-to-use, at-home hair straightening treatment fortified with pure Ojon™ Oil (nature’s golden elixir), Azurite, a semi-precious gemstone and Plant Keratin (from Wheat, Soy and Corn). It actually transforms even curly, coarse, highly-textured, frizzed-out hair types into smoother, silkier, shinier, more manageable strands without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, lye and cysteine. And it’s available in two different strengths: For Loose/Wavy Curls and For Medium/Tight Curls.

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Is SuperSleek™ easy to use?

Absolutely! In about 90 minutes – depending on your hair’s thickness, texture (fine or coarse/wiry), length (short, medium, long) and type of curl (wavy or tight) - SuperSleek™ safely straightens and smoothes your hair. Simply shampoo, apply the treatment, wait 30 minutes, rinse, condition, blow dry and flat iron.

Be sure to carefully follow the detailed instructions included in your SuperSleek™ kit or watch the video on-line at and you will see just how easy it is to achieve beautifully straight, smooth healthy-looking hair at home.

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How does SuperSleek™ work?

This revolutionary treatment system with 5 patents pending actually performs three potent straightening actions simultaneously:

  • • A gentle reshaping agent safely relaxes, reconfigures and smoothes out the curved structure of hair’s keratin bonds making them more supple and flexible.
  • • Our proprietary blend including Plant Keratin proteins, an amino acid, pure Ojon™ oil and Azurite further helps realign natural keratin bonds, seal in the straightness and fill in rough spots that can make hair frizzy, coarse and lifeless.
  • • This gentle treatment acts as an efficient conduit for heat transfer from your blow dryer and flat iron to lock in the straightness for a long-lasting effect.

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How is SuperSleek™ different from harsh chemical hair straighteners and keratin treatments?

Many of the popular, professional salon treatments use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, cysteine and lye that may irritate and cause significant damage to hair. Whatever your curl type or hair texture, SuperSleek™ works safely and gently:

  • • It matches hair and skin’s natural pH.
  • • Contains no formaldehyde, lye and cysteine.
  • • Contains ingredients from nature including pure Ojon™ Oil (nature’s golden elixir), Azurite, a semi-precious gemstone and Plant Keratin (from Wheat, Soy and Corn).
  • • Gentle formula. Requires no protective gloves.
  • • Gives you the flexibility to style your hair as desired after treatment.
  • • You can wash and condition hair after just 24 hours.
  • • Comes in two different strengths.

The SuperSleek™ process takes just about 90 minutes start to finish for just $39 (suggested retail price). And you do it at your convenience - in the comfort of your home.

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Does SuperSleek™ contain formaldehyde?

No, SuperSleek™ does NOT contain formaldehyde.

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How long will the full treatment take?

The SuperSleek™ treatment itself must be left on for 30 minutes to achieve its full potential. But the follow up blow drying and flat-ironing time can vary on your depending on your hair’s thickness, texture (fine or coarse/wiry), length (short, medium, long) and type of curl (wavy or tight). On average, you can expect to spend –a total treatment approximately 60 (to 90 minutes max) start to finish. But for 25 shampoos (or about 2 months), think about how much time you will save each morning as your hair is easier to style and manage.

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Do I need to wear gloves when applying SuperSleek™?

No. SuperSleek™ is not only free of harsh chemicals and formaldehyde, it matches skin and hair’s pH so it’s gentle on skin and scalp. We do, however, suggest that you wash hands following application to remove any residue. And of course, as with any treatments, be sure to keep the product clear of eye area.  If product enters eye, rinse with water.  If irritation occurs, consult your ophthalmologist.

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The fumes straighteners give off are unbearable and make my nose and skin feel like it’s on fire. Will I experience this with SuperSleek™?

SuperSleek™ does release a mild, yet noticeable smell which lets you know that it’s working. Those who tested it were not offended by it. However, if the scent bothers you – apply in a well ventilated room or simply open a window. You may also notice that in the first week after treatment, if you perspire during exercise a slight aroma may be detectable. It will rinse out when you shampoo next.

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My hair is long, why can’t I clip it up or put it in a ponytail during the 30 minute wait?

During the 30 minute treatment itself, your hair and curls begin to loosen up and change shape. That’s why it is essential to keep your hair as straight as possible. A clip or a ponytail could potentially leave a mark or an unwanted bend in hair.

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During the 30 minute treatment process, will SuperSleek™ stain towels or clothing?

SuperSleek™ was tested on bath linens and found to be non-staining. Nor will it leave any aroma on either towels or clothing.

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If I leave SuperSleek™ on my hair longer (or do not rinse out) will the straightening effect be increased?

No. SuperSleek™ has been specifically formulated to reach its full potential within the 30 minutes application time. Leaving the treatment on hair longer will not enhance the results. After the treatment time has concluded, be sure to rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for about 5-10 minutes or until the product is completely removed.

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Do I need a special shampoo and conditioner after my treatment?

To compliment your SuperSleek™ results we recommend washing hair with SuperSleek™ Smoothing Shampoo sulfate-free shampoo. You’ll love the rich luxurious lather it creates and how it gently, yet effectively cleanses hair without stripping vital moisture. And it’s fortified with pure hair-repairing Ojon™ Oil, natural Azurite and Plant Keratin to help seal in moisture and seal out the hair-raising effects of humidity. Follow with SuperSleek™ Smoothing Conditioner to help seal in moisture and seal out the frizzing effects of humidity for up to 8 hours. Hair is instantly shinier and more manageable.

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Does the treatment require special upkeep?

There is no additional upkeep following your SuperSleek™ Treatment. In fact styling time is significantly reduced as blow dry and flat iron time is faster and easier. We do recommend using SuperSleek™ Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner to help compliment our results.

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How long does it take to see results?

Your hair will be instantly smoother and straighter following your first complete application of SuperSleek™.

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Will Ojon SuperSleek™ make my hair completely straight?

The amazing benefit of SuperSleek™ is that while is smoothes and straightens your natural curl, it still allows you flexibility to create multiple styles from pin-straight to smooth waves or soft, bouncy curls, depending upon how you blow dry or flat iron your hair. You can even leave your hair curly or wavy by allowing it to just air-dry. Whatever style you choose, your curls will be looser, smoother and far easier to manage.

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Can I use SuperSleek™ if I color treat my hair?

Your color may brighten and highlights can intensify slightly. For best results, we do recommend waiting 2 weeks after using SuperSleek™ before coloring your hair.

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How frequently can I use SuperSleek™ Hair Straightening Treatment?

You can reapply SuperSleek™ as soon as the straightening effect begins to fade. However, we recommend not use it more than once a month.

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Can I use SuperSleek™ if my hair has been previously straightened?

Chemical straighteners and some Keratin treatments can damage your hair and irritate your scalp. While SuperSleek™ is safe to use on previously straightened hair, we recommend you wait at least 6 weeks after prior treatments before using it. And as with any treatment, if your scalp is sensitive or irritated or if your hair is damaged, do not apply it.

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