In healthy hydrated hair, the scales of the cuticle lie flat - like the shingles on a roof. But when these scales become damaged, they lift and separate and no longer play their protective role. Water evaporates – cuticles become more brittle, more moisture is lost and hair becomes dryer. This simple daily ritual breaks this vicious cycle. Nature’s golden elixir helps repair damage and optimizes the hydrating benefits of Blue Agave. Parched hair comes alive with essential hydration, shine and smoothness. And the refreshing aroma of Ylang Ylang, Sweet orange and Geranium refresh your spirits.

OjonTM oil - Known as "nature's golden elixir", this now-legendary oil is rich in essential lipids similar to those in unprocessed, virgin hair. Found only in the rainforests of Central America and harvested and extracted by hand from the nuts of the fragrant Ojon tree, this amazing beauty secret has been used for centuries to restore perfect health and vitality to "hair broken by the blazing sun".

Blue Agave - Blue Agave Nectar grows and flourishes in the most arid, desert environments thanks to its high content of polysaccharides and oligo-minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Its ability to thrive even in extreme dry climates is instantly transferred to hair. Blue Agave Nectar is known for its ability to instantly drench dry, dehydrated hair with vital moisture and to help hair retain it.