From tropical Tahiti to the Kalahari Desert in Africa, from the remote rainforests of Central America and beyond, Ojon™ gathered potent natural oils legendary for their “great healing powers” and infused them into one rare blend. Found only in these advanced hair care treatments, this powerful formula helps protect, nourish, repair and transform damaged hair to vibrant health.

Ojon™ oil - Known as "nature's hair-repairing golden elixir", this 500-year-old beauty secret from the rainforests of Central America is rich in essential lipids similar to those in unprocessed hair.

Rouge oleifera - The rich, red colored pulp of the Ojon nut has been shown to contain highly concentrated antioxidants. It helps reverse damage to hair follicles and restore shine, softness and strength to hair.

Tahitian Monoi Oil - This rare nourishing coconut oil from Tahiti infused with fresh Tiare flowers is extremely rich in essential lipids. Its non-affinity to water gives it its unique protective property.

Tahitian Kukui Oil - Extracted from resilient Kukui Trees in French Polynesia, this oil contains moisture-securing properties that help keep hair looking hydrated and full of high-gloss shine.

African Marula Oil - This precious oil from South Africa is rich in nutritious proteins, minerals and contains active antioxidants to help protect hair from future damage.

Ximenia Oil - Used by women from Namibia to Zimbabwe, it’s prized for its power to soften coarse hair and smooth rough skin.

Kalahari Desert Oil - Sourced from the seeds of the watery Kalahari melon, it contains antioxidants, essential nutrients and protein-binders that help nourish and repair hair.