super sleek FAQ

How does super sleek™ work?
It performs three starightening actions simultaneously:

1. A gentle reshaping agent safely relaxes, reconfigures and smoothes out the curved structure of hair's keratin bonds making them more supple and flexible.
2. Our proprietary blend including Plant Keratin proteins, an amino acid, pure ojon™ oil and Azurite further helps realign natural keratin bonds, seal in the starightness and fill in rough spots that can make hair frizzy, coarse and lefeless.
3. This gentle treatment acts as an efficient conduit for heat transfer from your blow dryer and flat iron to lock in the starightness for a long-lasting effect.

Will Ojon™ super sleek™ make my hair completely straight?
While it smoothes and starightens natural curls, it still allows you flexibility to create multiple styles from pin-straight to smooth waves or soft, bouncy curls, depending upon how you blow dry or flat iron your hair. you can even leave your hair curly or wavy by allowing it to just air-dry. Whatever style you choose, your curls will be loose, smoother and afr easier to manage.

How long will the results last?
Typically results last up to 30 shampoos. Length of time will vary from person to person, depending on your hair's thickness, texture (fine or coarse/wiry), length (short, medium, long) and type of curl (wavy or tight) as well as your lifestyle.

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