I’ve been in love with fashion and beauty since I was a child. While my neighborhood friends were setting up lemonade stands, I was making business plans for a sidewalk salon and tending to my loyal clientele of Barbie™ dolls.

After college, I spent nine months getting licensed as a stylist then I was off to New York City. My second day in the city I trekked to the West Village in the February snow (not easy on a southern girl) to an interview at Eva Scrivo salon. Little did I know that when I accepted the position as her apprentice that I had met my career mentor, and was about to embark on a whirlwind journey up to the top tier of hairdressers.

Hours of training began to pay off. After several years I was given opportunities to work with Eva on shoots for top magazines and helped create looks to grace the runways of fashion week.

Fast-forward to my partnership with Ojon. I was first introduced to the brand as a customer. I fell in love with their products, from dry shampoo to restorative hair treatment. They were my go-to’s whenever my own hair was fried and dyed. The more I used the products, the more I learned the story of the brand. Their green practices, their efforts to protect and sustain precious Ojon™ Oil resonated with me. And as luck would have it, I was approached by the Ojon™ team to become their lead stylist.

The reason I began this career was to make women feel beautiful. I was taught from a young age the power of femininity, and the difference between being vain and taking care of yourself both inside and out. I’ve always wanted to share this passion – and always will. Now, with Ojon™, I’m able to talk to you not only about incredible products, but also empower you with tips and techniques.